Have you ever used “Auto – Translate?” services of any video provider company??
Have you used OCR services to translate your printed document?? How you feel that??

Definitely, We can assure you that you were not much impressed with that services. Why? The main reason is that those services are like robot and robot is a machine which does not always produce what you want as an output.

Finding solution for these solutions! Wait, here you’ll find what you really searching for: MANUAL WORK is the only reliable solution to get results as you expected!

So, we at Verito Assistance provide you a dedicated virtual assistant who is expert in extracting data from images, PDFs, Scanned documents, short Videos, Audios. All VAs at Verito Assistance are with an amazing IQ level to understand the information which needs to be captured from source document and save into desired location, form or database which can be further used to train algorithms in order to improve your machine learning and AI models over the course of time.


Our virtual assistances are well qualified in below transcription services:


  • 100% manual transcription
  • We try to maintain Accuracy more than 95%
  • We are committed on work deadlines.
  • Virtual assistances are available at your time zone and our customer team is available 24*7 for your support.

“Recommended by us, Hired by you, Your work, Our professionals, Your commitment, Our deadline.”


What Our Clients Say

Sameer was very helpful and patient with me. I had developed an excel sheet that needed more complicated formatting and he did a fabulous job!! Even after we were finished I requested a couple more tweaks and he was on the case immediately. Since then I’ve given him another project that is also completed as per my expectations. I have used freelancers before with mixed results, but Sameer & his team is the real deal.

John Panigas