Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Any company or organization runs on the principle of “I can’t, but We can” and this is only possible when you have a perfect blend of tech-savvy skilled employees who can dedicatedly work hard for the betterment of company which could lead the company to achieve something unexceptionally well in the industrial market.

Nowadays, to stand somewhere in the competitive market any company must have technically, analytically, logically skilled and highly qualified staff to work for them and in this new age it's not an easy task for an HR of any company to find such highly talented staff for them as every company requires such right talent for the company’s growth. For any company, selecting right talent is really essential as they are backbone of the following company  and the success of their business totally rely on them.

To overcome such difficult situation, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the best possible way to get relaxed from this mess. As talent acquisition becoming complex day-by-day but RPO does its best to locate the best and the new age talent acquisition. By saving time and money from conducting the complex process of finding and hiring the rare and the best talent for your company, so that you can invest this part of money and time in other processes which could help in your company’s growth.

Verito Assistance provides you with the professional who will be your Virtual HR who will provide you the best quality candidates as per your demands and requirements. We at Verito Assistance will surely reduce your time to money labour in an effective way.

List of Tasks

Here’s the list of few Tasks which can be handled by your hired Virtual Assistants


  • Verito Assistance is cost effective, with us you can save upto 60% by reducing hiring cost as compare to traditional process.
  • We are always ready with extra resources to handle your bulk tasks.
  • Our VAs are technically skilled in RPO process and dedicatedly available for RPO tasks.
  • With us you can get excellent candidates with in short time which reduces your hiring time.

“Work together and achieve higher only possible by perfect Teamwork that makes the Dreamwork”


What Our Clients Say

Sameer was very helpful and patient with me. I had developed an excel sheet that needed more complicated formatting and he did a fabulous job!! Even after we were finished I requested a couple more tweaks and he was on the case immediately. Since then I’ve given him another project that is also completed as per my expectations. I have used freelancers before with mixed results, but Sameer & his team is the real deal.

John Panigas